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Sekhmet - Sara Käser - Cello

Sara Käser, Violoncello, born 1987, Biel

Lives as a freelance cellist in Rothenburg (Lucerne). She is an improviser and interpreter with the focus on Contemporary Music.
Being a passionate chamber musician she performs classically structured music in various formations e.g. in the trio HEL (Talvi Hunt, piano; Sonya Suldina: violin) and in the duo Käser de Miguel (Miranda de Miguel, piano).
In collaboration with the author Noëmi Lerch, she performs musical lectures such as «die Pürin» and «Rezepturen in Blau».
In 2015 she completed her master studies in «Interpretation in Contemporary Music» at the Lucerne Music Academy. Main subject: violoncello with Erik Borgir and Peter Leisegang. Master classes among others with L. Fels (Arditti Quartet), H. Lindén-Pons and John Storgård.

In search of the expressional possibilities on a vibratory level, she is interested in the different aspects of the power of music such as its provocative and or healing impacts. Being an experimental musician she moves in different fields: She plays music of grief, collaborates with Swiss authors (such as Noëmi Lerch, Arno Camenisch and Pedro Lenz), and is a former member of the rock band «Gipsy in space».

Sekhmet - Raphael Loher - pianoRaphael Loher, piano, synthesizer, born 1989, Flawil

Inspired by the Blues pianist champion Jack Dupree he began to play the piano at the age of 14. From the beginning on, improvisation, focused attention and creativity have been a central part of his life and his music.
As a consequence of his complex piano playing that is complemented by synthesizer, prepared piano, and wurlitzer organ he participates in various projects between improvisation, contemporary jazz, pop, and Contemporary music.
He has played with Gerry Hemingway, John Voirol, Nat Su, Christoph Erb, Nicolas Stocker and has studied under Sylvie Courvoisier, Pierre Favre, Frank Gratkowski, Chris Wiesendanger, Florian Hoelscher and Vera Kappeler. In addition he has been organizing concerts in the 'Kulturbrauerei' in Lucerne for the past two years, thus promoting improvised music as an event manager.

Sekhmet - Vincent Glanzmann - DrumsVincent Glanzmann , born 1983, Tokyo (Japan)

Being a progressive and versatile drummer, the Zürich based musician has always been interested in writing his own music. In his projects Vincent Glanzmann & Gerry Hemingway Composition OI, Khasho'gi (HP. Pfammatter, M. Troller, A. Schnellmann), Uassyn (S. Jeger, T. Svosve) and Vincent Glanzmann Solo he is consequently exploring many of his own compositions. In free improvising groups such as Sekhmet (R. Loher, S. Käser) and Skorpionfsh (D. Mouthon, Y. Reichmuth, S. Jeger) as well as with the Rock / Pop Bands Doomenfels, Friend, None of them, Franky Silence & Ghost Orchestra and the Beastie Boys Coverband Beatie Bossy, he tries to maintain a progressive mindset within these styles and to make a contribution to the creative Swiss music scene.
His work also includes projects with artists from areas like theater, visual arts, light art, film and dance.

Together with saxophonist and composer Tobias Meier he organizes a concert series named Seismogram. In this context it seems important to him to support and present the creative and progressive musicians of Switzerland. These concerts for «experimental and unheard» music take place every month at the screen printing studio Sieb & Brot in Zurich.

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